June 20th, 2011

That Movie Show - The Feature Length Version (1 hour, 45 minutes)
This video collects all 20 episodes of “That Movie Show” which was produced  for MTV Networks’ site: NextMovie.com.  This is the same re-edited & uncensored version that played on the big screen in Los Angeles on June 7th.

Watch it on Youtube HERE if you’d like to see it in HD, with the ability to full-screen etc.  (It’s also available on vimeo…in arguably higher quality.)

If you can get past the first few episodes, where we’re still trying to figure out what the show is, I think you’ll find some good stuff.  For people unfamiliar with the series: I was hired last year by Snoot Entertainment to do a weekly comedy show that talked about upcoming movie releases.  It was for MTV’s new movie site: NextMovie.com.  Having done a bunch of web shows in NYC for Next New Networks, I decided to start the series picking up where I left off on my last show: The Reel Good Show.

Luckily, I was able to work with my friends every week on the show.  Which was literally made week to week.  Meaning: We would shoot on the weekend.  I’d edit the show Monday-Wednesday, while also writing the next episode.  I’d then deliver an episode on Wednesday, while prepping the shoot for the next episode over the weekend.  Couple that with the fact I was directing most every episode and in acting in most every scene…well..  It was an exhausting work load.  But, thankfully I got to work with these talented folks:

Marcus Jones, Dee Robertson, Rob Smith, Blaise Miller, Jeff Grace, & Becca Greene.   Not only did they act in the series, they also pitched in with writing and sometimes directing.  By the end of the 20 episodes, their help in those other departments literally saved my ass from burning out to a crisp. They’re the tops and I feel lucky that my first gig in LA was getting to know these folks better and getting to see just how damn talented they are.  And of course there’s the backbone of the whole operation: Amy Skerkoski, our production coordinator.  Without her, we just wouldn’t of had enough fake blood.  We just wouldn’t of had enough.

So, thanks to everyone who helped out on this scrappy little web show: where lavalier microphones can be seen in most every shot.  Because we literally didn’t have a sound guy. 

It was like making movies in 5th grade all over again.  Meaning, it was a really great experience.

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